Center Road Church of Christ

Women's Ministry

God knows we need each other and blesses us when we share our lives together. One of the ways we do this is by building relationships, friendships, and sisterhood among the women in the congregation.  Our Women’s Ministry is meant to help women grow to be great women of God as well as develop our young women to be godly ladies of faith. Throughout the year the Women’s Ministry hosts a number of special events to help the ladies of the church grow together with Christ and one another in a spiritually uplifting way. Some of these events are a Prayer Breakfast, a Ladies’ Retreat, an Ornament Exchange Party, and a Soup, Sweats, and Slippers Game Night.  The blessings they receive through these gatherings encourages them to be better wives, mothers, friends, sisters in Christ, and followers of Jesus.  So we encourage you and invite you to be a part of this ministry. For more information, please contact us by phone at (765) 453-1448 or by e-mail at